Upstairs at Graceland

lee miller
So difficult to grasp
her foreign tongue
Her cheeks
are rebel red

Where she has kept
her secrets
Greens, yellows, and whites
put there by Priscilla

As you enter the front
door you are greeted
by stairway leading
to second floor

She has a knife
She cuts out my cancer
and she opens
like a rose

Carved apart
Drank and laughed
at the world
Put our initials in trees

Directly above
foyer is the bathroom
where Elvis was found
face down

Humor dry as a corpse
Sturm Und Drang
Put it in
the honey hole

Climate controlled 68 degrees
Practical not partisan
Young and in love
in America

Elvis’s bathroom
Elvis’s office with white leather couch
Elvis’s bedroom behind
black padded doors

Lee Miller portrait
hangs above the bed
A photograph
of a photographer

She is my upstairs at Graceland