In Honor of the World Series and Great Hitters Past and Present Mr. Williams, they took your best years away Yet still you uber alles There have been threats to your throne Men in the kingdom Rose Brett Carew among the few Yet none have known Yet none can know the secrets you know I […]

Van Gogh’s Ear

  A poet will never refer to themselves as one Instead they will walk poetry They will stagger on And when they are paid by the words they carry They will have Van Gogh’s ear in their pocket

A Man Called Destruction

  Bumpy beginnings Flowers n’ shit Your seed swells for me But in the end you will lose your leaves for me   I lick the cannibal bones I hold the door for the barbarians A walking talking wild fire I shake bed frames   I am an upper I am a downer I am […]

Robin Hood

  My daddy was a bankrobber but he never hurt nobody –Joe Strummer   “If poor people knew how rich rich people are, there would be riots in the streets” –Chris Rock     Here’s to the majority One paycheck from poverty Here’s to the underdog One paycheck from poverty   I will see you […]

The Man Who Kissed Hands

  The man who kissed hands found those hands empty   Palsied hands on the road Attempting to repay student loans   People like us Nothing is handed to us And the man who kissed hands will make sure of that   Childcare Healthcare College Shit, paying the water bill   Forgo vacations Forgo new […]

Peso Rupiah Riyal

I wondered if terrorists would go after Trump’s many foreign business interests   Excel Venture LLC based in the French West Indies Century Properties based in Manila, Philippines Caribusiness Investments SRL, based in the Dominican Republic   YY Development Group based in Buenos Aries, Argentina Daewoo Engineering and Construction based in South Korea Sanei International […]

Destruction Chorus

  I’m still waiting for the miracle We’re all still waiting   for the miracle to come Leonard Cohen rings in my ear   His mighty baritone rings beckoning us to sing   Hallelujah There is protest in the air Breathe it in Breathe it in   —From “That Turned Ugly Fast” by Mark Berriman

Me and Mr. Green

  Please forgive me, Mr. Green but the writing’s on the wall You’re a washed up patriot   Please forgive me, Mr. Green But we’ve pulled the curtains closed Our streets have been swept clean   Your antiquated ideas will trickle down no more Your hazy vague plague swaddled in the flag   No more […]

Election Day

Election Day White working class voted Republican again Another election day White working class voted Republican again by thirty points Thirty point margin against their best interests They’ll have your children sorting garbage —from “That Turned Ugly Fast”