Van Gogh’s Ear

  A poet will never refer to themselves as one Instead they will walk poetry They will stagger on And when they are paid by the words they carry They will have Van Gogh’s ear in their pocket

A Man Called Destruction

  Bumpy beginnings Flowers n’ shit Your seed swells for me But in the end you will lose your leaves for me   I lick the cannibal bones I hold the door for the barbarians A walking talking wild fire I shake bed frames   I am an upper I am a downer I am […]

Robin Hood

  My daddy was a bankrobber but he never hurt nobody –Joe Strummer   “If poor people knew how rich rich people are, there would be riots in the streets” –Chris Rock     Here’s to the majority One paycheck from poverty Here’s to the underdog One paycheck from poverty   I will see you […]

John and Kevin, Saturday Night

    Whatcha gonna do now, Kevin Long Gone John took your favorite face   Lie Steal Thieve Deceit   Your favorite face on the pavement Saturday night’s entertainment Step right up   When the boogie man comes to get you Judges your character Judges your deeds   Pulls you apart to see what’s hidden […]

The Poet is a One Man Band

  Burnt and blue Drop and roll Red shoes behind a burgundy baby buggy   Yesterday’s hymn is tomorrow’s forgotten song The melancholic music of failure   That thirteen on her neck She can only get off when she’s high on her back   She stole away with my silver She stole away with my nightingales   […]