Bernie Doesn’t Have Time to Comb His Hair. He is Too Busy Trying to Save Us.

Gimme Gimme Gimme and the Me Toos

They will lift
your shutters an inch
at a time
Our American dream

They will shut
the shutters
on your yesterdays
on your tomorrows

If you’re born poor
chances are (sing it)
you’re going
to remain poor

Hereditary rule
Sent by the hand
of god
to rule over us


The economy stagnates
Life gets harder
People get meaner
And their pockets grow deeper

Our search
for social justice
Our search
for common good

has been handicapped
Our community needs

My needs your needs
and the needs of our community
We should flourish together
we don’t

We move through
a fear based world
Protecting ourselves
Protecting our children

from the “unknowns”
But we know
the gimme gimme gimme
and the me toos

—From “That Turned Ugly Fast”, 2015