Dreaming All Over



Dreaming All Over
The only happy people in the world
are those who do not have to write long poems
–John Berryman from The Dream Songs

People dream of falling
Falling from ledges, startled awake
Falling from beds, startled awake
Falling from grace, startled awake

Dream “experts” say falling
dreams reflect situations in your life
where you are lacking
control, Feeling overwhelmed
A red flag from your
An ox with a yolk
strapped to its back

I dream of falling
from a car window
as I am thrown from
flaming wreckage

In my dreams, I drive
I love to drive
I love to drive fast
Which isn’t the easiest
thing to do in Minnesota

The state of Minnesota
says license plates must be displayed
clearly on the front
and back of your vehicle
When I secured the
Minnesota plates to my front
and back bumpers
My car began driving
10 miles per hour below
the posted speed limit

I drive through the northern
reaches of the metro
The northern suburbs
where there is a Trump
bumper sticker
for every dinged up pickup truck

Where they are suburban
but sufficiently Appalachian
Where they elected Michele Bachmann
four times
Four times!
Once even beating
poor Patty Wetterling.
You can bet Bachmann
fed table scraps
to her three headed hound that night.

When I dream and drive
the suburbs are filled
with schools named
for Marcus Garvey
for Malcolm X
for Paul Robeson

I dream of protesters
and rioters
as they stop burning
their own neighborhoods
and instead march out
to their northern suburbs
Burn the Trump stickers
Burn the Bachmanns
as they pray
your gay away

People dream of losing their teeth
Dream “experts” say losing teeth in a dream
may symbolize a broken relationship
Or it may be a sign that something has happened to make that dreamer
lose confidence
Others say it represents a desire for sexual stimulation

I do dream of losing teeth
I thought it was because I have
a few fake teeth,
The result of a youth filled
with poor decisions
and bad luck

I am convinced one of them will
fall out during a reading
Or during a presentation for work
I’ve seen it happen

A trumpet player on stage in Madison, WI
lost one of his front teeth after performing a solo
Former Viking running back Robert Smith
lost his front teeth after celebrating a touchdown

And what if I lost a tooth right now
As I am reading this?
Number one – that would be sort of awesome
Number two – Last night I dreamed it would happen

I am convinced I will lose a tooth
because of a poor diet
Because of too much coffee
If you aren’t drinking coffee, you’re not living
hard enough

But dream “experts” say I won’t
lose a tooth
from hard living.
I won’t lose a tooth from a youth
filled with poor decisions
and bad luck
No, I am just consumed with self-doubt
And I am horny

People dream of showing
up to work naked
Dream “experts” say this
represents anxiety and vulnerability

I don’t dream of showing up to work naked
but a few months ago I did spend about 30 minutes
in the office of our Human Resources Director
before realizing my zipper was open

I dream I wear a crown
of singing birds
I hum along to their Minnesota
frozen melodies

I dream of hand guns
and hard liquor
I dream I can keep
my demons well contained

I dream I am a scientist
Science, the religion for those
who are too smart
for religion

I dream of being a hugger
I am not a big hugger
in my waking hours
But when I dream, I hug
They say, Mmmm
Do you smell that?
He smells like
a hugger

People dream of dying
Dream “experts” say this
represents the wish
to terminate
something in life
A relationship
A career choice
A person’s past

A dream of dying
is encouraging a person
to begin a new adventure
Pursue a new path

I dream I am a better person
I spend a lot of time regretting
some of the things
I have done
In dreams I can escape it
In dreams I get a do-over

The dead don’t take
their issues with them
They are passed
down to their children

I dream of when I kissed
the heads of my babies
after tucking them in
Now there are so many miles
between us
So many miles separating us

When I was younger
and they were younger
I couldn’t wait
for them to grow
more independent

Now that I am older
and they are older too
I wish they weren’t
so damn independent

People dream of meeting a celebrity
Dream “experts” say this means
a person is seeking inspiration
Or perhaps has a need for recognition

I did once dream
of meeting a celebrity
I was spelunking
with David Bowie

Dream “experts” say a cave
represents the need to turn our focus inward
To understand why we do what we do
What is behind our feelings

Bowie was there to lead
me from the cave
Give me your hands
Because you’re wonderful

We ventured in
and out of darkness
stalagmites here
stalactites there

Oh no, love
You’re not alone
We both had lantern helmets
on our heads
His looked great
Mine, awkward

I wore knee pads
Elbow pads
Boots and gloves
Bowie simply wore a suit

In Jung’s
Cosmic Man theory
An archetypal figure appears
as a helpful or positive being
serving as a seed for creation
and having such an effect on the world
that upon their death, parts of them
become one with the universe

Is David Bowie my Cosmic Man?
There to lead me
out of the cave
Out of my dark place

Was he there to help me
discover a deeper understanding
of my Negative impulses
To stop me from driving my car
across lawns taking out Trump/Pence
political signs
To remind me to check my fly
when entering the HR department
To become a hugger
Is that why his death hit me so hard

No matter what or who you’ve been
No matter when or where you’ve seen
All the knives seem to lacerate your brain
I’ve had my share, I’ll help you with the pain

I dream that David Bowie was a Cosmic Man
for all of us
Spreading his Bowieness
across the universe